About Me

I’m a recent graduate of Haverford College, and am living in Valladolid, Spain for the next nine months, teaching English at a high school.  This blog follows my daily life, my travels, and my abiding love of food in all its iterations.  The title of the blog (which roughly translates to “I travel, eating as I go”) illustrates my belief that food and travel are intimately and inextricably related, and thus deserve to be considered in tandem.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’d better go and look up iterations. But I’m so excited to read and see what you’ve posted so far…That picture of tangerines (oranges?) is from Morocco, right? This is absolutely delightful and I am a very happy Mamita having the visual updates to embellish our lovely skype date and heart-warming phone conversations. Te amo, querida, y estoy muy orgullosa de ti.

  2. this is so wonderful, natalie. can’t help but be reminded of the samosas we made — you and quirky / insanely delicious food are forever linked in my mind. i hope all is well with you m’dear!!

  3. Miss Natalie I miss you! I’m finally done with my thesis! well, almost I still have two weeks of the craziness of school left, but most of the hard stuff is done. It has been forever and a day since we’ve talked – hope everything is wonderful in spain – it sure looks like it! Let me know when you think you’ll be home over the summer.

    So much love, Lizzy

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