The Absent Blogger Returns

Hey there!  Sorry for the long absence.  I have no good excuse, unfortunately; I’m just lazy and really bad at updating.  However, you won’t be surprised to hear that in the intervening months between my last post and now, I’ve been to lots of fabulous places!  And I’m even gonna tell you about them!

I’ve written a couple of new posts that are scheduled to go up this weekend, while I’ll be busy traveling in Morocco(!!!), but for the moment, I’ll give you a few pictures as a taste of what I’ve been up to in the (very long) time since you last heard from me.

Awesome chair sculpture outside the UN building in Geneva

Poutine! Finding this Montreal treat made me miss Will Shown a lot.

Piles of nougat and caramels at a Christmas market in Switzerland

Valladolid's Plaza Mayor, all dressed up for Christmas

More Spanish Christmas decorations

Fanta Exotic--Hands down the best flavor I've had anywhere. Tastes like passion fruit.

Guinness, poured by moi, at the Guinness Factory in Dublin

New Year's Eve with Scottish cousins!! Best fireworks show I've ever seen.

Awesome bridge in London (featured in the last Harry Potter movie!)

Amazing custard tarts at Borough Market



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