sorry, i’m terrible at this

Sorry I’ve been such a slacker!  My biggest challenge to this whole blog thing is that I’m actually really bad at remembering to take pictures.  So this weekend, when David and I made braised leeks with pasta, and bought a whole fish for the first time ever, and then made a horrible mess trying to filet it, I took a total of 0 pictures.  And then when Elizabeth came over on Saturday and we made some amazing carmelita bars (Haverford kids, think Magic Cookie Bars but times like, 100), I once again completely forgot to take pictures.  And then Saturday night, when David and I went out for tapas…same deal.  So, I’m going back to Santander this weekend and PROMISE to remember to actually use my camera.  Until then, you can read about  the Spanish version of Columbus day, or Día de la Hispanidad, which is today!  And is the reason I’m not at school right now!  Woohoo!

Alternatively, if you speak Spanish, you should go watch the show El Gran Hotel, which Irene (one of my roommates) introduced me to last night.  It’s so good!


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